Marketplace Literacy Project's mission in the US is to disseminate educational materials to enable marketplace literacy among low-literate, low-income individuals. In a project with the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension, interviews with teachers and clients of nutrition education and observations of their interactions were used to develop educational materials that are currently being assessed in the state of Illinois.   

Similar work is planned in coming years in the broad area of adult education.  The basic focus will be on incorporating the consumer and marketplace context to a great degree into adult education and enhancing marketplace literacy.  The consumer domain is one where basic reading, writing, and math skills play out in day-to-day life.  Consumer literacy and basic literacy may be mutually reinforced.  Enhancing consumer literacy in adult education may facilitate teaching of basic literacy.  This notion is far from new, it is reflected in the invaluable work that adult educators engage in everyday. The approach here would systematically enumerate consumer literacy skills and corresponding basic literacy skills and develop educational materials to cover gaps in current material. 

Plans in the US include the development of e-educational programs to enable consumer and entrepreneurial literacy among low-literate, low-income individuals.